Try a new approach, send them a postcard. It is that simple.

Step up! Make a change! Voice your opinion! Make a difference! YOU have to be the one who says something to change the situation. WE CAN HELP.

To get started, simply enter a zip code to find any senator in the United States.

Then select one of our “We  are a Christian nation” postcards to convey your message in writing to your senator. These postcards laced with conservative thoughts and ideas will without a doubt turn heads in Congress. Getting someone’s attention with these BOLD and THOUGHT PROVOKING postcards will definitely get your message read and have a greater chance of getting acted on.

Seven Points Artwork Bride of Christ Artwork Sermon Mount Artwork

This is NOT an e-mail campaign, this is NOT a fax campaign! This is a real 4.25 x 6 inch SNAIL MAIL postcard that Congress can read and hold in their hands.


We have provocative Christian artwork printed on postcards

– Let your representative know how YOU feel!

Picture thousands of Write A Rep postcards marching to Washington, D.C. to tell those politicians – What you really think!

For only $2.95 we will create the postcard that you choose, send one to the representative of your choice. We will also send the same postcard to you for you to share with others, either in the mail or as an email.
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